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An elegant porcelain vase, with a simple round shape designed to be decorated with Art Deco motifs and floral stylizations. A perfect piece as a gift for special occasions or for decoration.

The process of multiplying, finishing and decorating was done entirely by hand.

These vases are made of white and colored high-temperature porcelain and glazed with a glossy transparent glaze. All the materials and technical processes we use are non-toxic and comply with health and ecological norms.


If you buy products from this collection, please specify in the order details the number associated with the product picture; each one is different because they are hand-painted.

O vase

  • Materials: high fire porcelain and ceramic pigments, non-toxic glaze. Decor: underglaze painting; Finished: gloss. Dimensions: height 10,5cm, diameter: 8 cm. Care instructions: safe for the dishwasher.

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