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Gothic Light is an ambient lamp designed to individualize an intimate and comfortable space.

The light will be warm and diffused (due to the translucency of the porcelain) with a round focus, open at the top. When there is a lot of light, the lamp is white and silky; when there are no other sources of light, the lamp gets a strong warm color.

The inspiration of this object came from the late Transylvanian Gothic, customized by the synthesis of the Romanesque and Gothic elements. The shape is simple, stable, solid, symmetrically imprinted by a broken arc (similar to rib vault in gothic architecture) that delimits a plan as a concave lens. Thus, the image of the cone trunk, the classical lamp, turns into a new volume with transients between the curve and the angular. Hard edges and drawing also fit into the aesthetics of other Ceramic Sparrow collections.

The included bulb is warm light LED with very low consumption.


h 31 cm

l  23 cm

w 10 cm

weight ≈ 1500g


body: porcelain

textile electrical cable

GU10  socket

bulb: LED 8 w

750 lm, 3000K


April 2019

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