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Ceramic Sparrow Earrings were inspired by the jewellery from Art Deco period. The geometric and well defined style fits very well on different occasions and outfits. We wanted to get a sharp decor with lines, painted with gold and platinum over glazed porcelain or over the underglaze colored surfaces that defines and characterizes our style.

These earrings are made of a very quality porcelain, white, slightly translucent and they are very light (between 3 and 6 grams). The other materials used are non-toxic glaze, gold, platinum and ceramic pigments. The earrings wires are plated with gold or silver. Each pair is unique and we do not repeat the patterns.


3-7 cm (the complete measure with ear-wire); Weight: 2-4 grams


ceramic pigments and gold painting


August 2019

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