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This ware set contains six pieces ( two cups, two bowls, one plate and one egg stand). It has a simple design and the colors from inside and outside the pieces are separate by a fine line in a different color, being a defining element. The mass pigmentation of the half-porcelain ensures color uniformity. 

These vibrant and harmonious colors will make you bountiful and bring to the morning table a refreshing atmosphere. The pieces of the set are of small sizes because they were designed for breakfast or small bites.

Our imprint of the egg stand design is that the egg support merges with a container for the egg shells.


big bowl: ø 11.5 cm,    h 6.5 cm

small bowl: ø 11.5 cm,  h 4.3 cm

big cup: 180 ml

small cup: 130 ml

plate: ø 17 cm

egg stand: h 4 cm


coloured semi-porcelain

non-toxic glaze

dishwasher safe


October 2018

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