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Inspiration sources were diverse, from natural elements to the works of Marc Rothko, Marc Chagall or  Henri Matisse. Each shape is cut out manually, finished, painted and then glazed and burned, a long process that makes each brooch a piece of wearable ceramics that does not go unnoticed.

Porcelain earrings are lightweight, durable and versatile. Ceramic Stream Earrings were inspired by the jewellery from Art Deco period. The gold used is a special preparation for ceramic painting, it burns at 800 Celsius degrees and consists of a very fine metallic film with a good adhesion on the glaze.



An elegant porcelain vase, with a simple round shape designed to be decorated with Art Deco motifs and floral stylizations. A perfect piece as a gift for special occasions or for decoration.


24  /  05  /  2024

Patrio Vase is part of the product design selection of RDW 2024. The Romanian Design Week festival  takes place in the former CINA restaurant building.

10  /  06  /  2020

Electric light version of the lamps with windows at Hanu' de pe Stirbei  - the restaurant of the Ibis Styles Bucharest City Center Hotel.

19  /  05  /  2019

The newest Ceramic Sparrow lamp - Gothic Light - is displayed at the main exhibition RDW 2019, hosted by BCR building, University Square.
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